About Us

Ron Hansen Design

Owner & Creative Director

Ron thrives on rethinking client’s brands and creating new ways to express product stories and visions. Responsible for finding and optimizing the team at Ron Hansen Branding Inc., he leads the creative process from the first client meeting through delivery of a complete brand package. His experience ranges from the design and execution of the first 3D wrap for Seattle’s monorail to the creation of America’s first energy gummy bear, Loud Truck Gummies, now in over 10,000 stores worldwide.

Ron has always admired entrepreneurship and draws inspiration from Walt Disney, who believed, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Ron’s boundless creativity is checked with his years of experience in advertising and marketing and a network of professionals that make the impossible happen.


Senior Designer, Illustrator

Brenna brings 15 years of industry-recognized corporate design talent to our team​. A proud, local Husky grad seeking a bit of sunshine, Brenna utilized her food and beverage branding skills in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara, designing for Kashi Cereal, Firestone Beer and Wine, Lasco Seafood, and Pepsi Co. Settling back in the Northwest, her not-too-shabby gigs include managing all design for Qwest Field and the 2004-2005 NFL Seattle Seahawks​, design support for the NBA Seattle ​Sonics,​ ​and designing and illustrating for Newcastle Golf Course and H3-Wines for Chateau St. Michelle.


Senior V.P. of Operations

Setsuko’s competitive and energizing nature powers all our company’s clockwork. Having won a gold medal swimming in the Asian Olympics as a member of Japan’s national team, she went on to acquire dual degrees in bioengineering and sports management. She has been in charge of all things financial and employee-related for RHSB for the past 22 years and continues to keep us in check every day.


Designer and Lead 3D Animator

Lynne brings her passion for creating beautiful art into her design work. For the past 24 years, she has been professionally creating 2D art and 3D animation. Lynne uses her incredible skill to create visually stunning 3D product renderings, custom illustrations for packaging and logos, animated shorts, and iconic mascots.



Lindsey believes in the clarity of concise words and works closely with the creative team to enforce their visual impact with language. Having worked in the fields of construction management and education, Lindsey brings to our team years of experience communicating with diverse populations.


Senior Web Designer

Suzanne brings seriously savvy technical skills to our team. She has extensive experience in Adobe Create Suite, HTML 4 & 5, Javascript, and SEO. She graduated from design school and has designed several e-commerce platforms. Suzanne brings sites more traffic by actively adapting content in response to search results analytics.