• Retail & Product:
    Sunn Pharma
    George Town Cannabis
    420 Natural
    Anahata Springs
    Elba Island Soap
    4 Rover Vitamins
    Parkway Plaza
    Eldon Office Solutions (national)
    Sebastian Toys
    Studio Porter jensen
    Pavillion Mall
    Valentino Rod Company
    Don Willis Furniture
    NW Wine Mart
    Dream Home Northwest
    Paper Zone
    EZ-Liner Trash Bags (national)
    Personal Best Publications (national)
    Fitpack Inc.
    Joshuma Coffee Company
    PCI Magnetics
    SB Dukes Glove Company
    QLUBE (national)
    Bellevue Square
    Rich Art Color Co. (national)
    Sterling Springs Water (international)
    Barney’s New York (northwest)
    Anne Taylor (northwest)
    High Life Vitamins
    Wallingford Center
    Super Cedar
    Croc’s Foot Care
    Zip Fizz
    Dr Mums

  • Specialty Foods & Beverages:
    Antonina’s Bakery
    Noona’s Amber Sauces
    Calvary Brewing
    Happy Crabs, Inc.
    Beachside Wines
    9 Miles
    Open Seas Seafoods
    Fair Hare Wines
    Clear Creek Wines
    Fire Pit BBQ Sauces
    Fruit & Barrel Wines
    Kale Harvest Co.
    Macrilino Sausages
    Mythic Beers
    Sandstone Whiskey
    Sole Foods
    Tiny Hiny Cocktails
    Trevi Beverages
    Sparta Oils
    Hals BBQ
    River House Dressing
    Maison Wines
    Mickie’s Slices
    Ruby Tonics
    Beulah’s Ice Cream
    Wilcox Farms
    Spank Monkey Wines
    Naked Coconuts
    Sweet Earth Eggs
    Australian Kitchen Co.
    Wrangell Seafoods
    Salt Works
    Amici Pasta
    Unique Beverages, LLC.
    Rikki Rikki Salad Dressing
    Cascade Ice
    Nutts-Oh! Candy
    Fid-Oh! Dog Biscotti
    Mazama Vodka
    San Juan Rum Co.
    Wired Energy Drink
    Squeakers Cheese
    Twisted Chopper Energy Drink
    Turn One
    Alien Energy
    Cowboy Energy
    Joe Rico’s Coffee & Tea
    Wild Cats Coffee
    Ban Cafe (Africa)
    Bella Cafe (Porto Rico)
    Rainier Glacier Water (Haggens Private)
    Truson Organics
    Stancatos Wine & Pasta
    Blue Aqua Water
    Peanut Pattie / B & D Farms (national)

  • Service Industry:
    Kids Dentist
    Trammel Crow
    CB Commercial
    Washington Dental Association
    Printing Services West
    Restaurant Group
    MTX Networks, Inc.
    Labels West, inc.
    Mercer Hansen
    Aurthur Anderson
    Ahush Vitamins
    Hazama USA & Tokyo (international)
    Seattle Radiologists
    Business Link USA & Australia (international)
    Arctic Printing
    Stellar Travel
    Washington Casualty Insurance
    US Bank Center
    Children’s Dental Center
    Golf Marketing Team
    Kell Investments
    Michael Nelson Law Offices
    Color Now!
    Chappel Wang, PLLC
    Rob Perry Photography
    Costello & Associates PS
    Michael Karr DDS

    Financial Services:
    Santel Credit Union
    Group Health Credit Union
    Nordstrom Federal Credit Union Washington Credit Union
    King County Credit Union
    Piper Jaffery

    Public Service:
    American Zoological Association (national)
    Seattle Police Department (Kid’s, Cops & Cards)
    Seattle Aquarium
    Seattle Center
    Serene Lake Elementary
    Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

  • Media:
    Space Dog Radio
    AK Media (now Clear Channel)
    Orion Press – Japan
    KTZZ Channel 22
    Bad Animals

    Beachhouse Restaurant
    Red Cork Grill
    Ponti Seafood Grill
    Seattle’s Top Tables
    Szmania’s Restaurant
    River Rock Grill
    Waterfront Pier 70
    Calcutta Grill
    Nola Nevers Catering
    Delfino’s Pizza
    Axis Restaurant
    Alfy’s Pizza
    Captain Jack’s Fish n’ Chips
    El Gaucho
    Lobstershop Restaurants
    Dragonfish Cafe
    Wooly Toad Cigar Bar
    Firefly Restaurant
    Belltown Pub
    FireCreek Grill
    Red Alder Grill
    Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe & Lounge
    Herbert’s Billiards & Sports Pub
    Rock Salt

    Sports & Recreation:

    Thunderbirds Hockey
    Oki Developments, Inc.
    Echo Falls Country Club
    The Golf Club at Newcastle
    The Plateau Golf Club
    Indian Summer Golf Club