Import Wine Label

Bull's Blood Wine

  1. Import wine label

Import wine label.The history of the wine was exciting.Over 400 years the wine was made in Hungry.
The story was about a war and a castle.Which used the local wine all over the soldiers to create a blood thirsty look on the soldiers uniforms.This scared the Mols how where attacking the castle.
We ten took thats tory and drew a fighting bull.The story is called bulls blood.The import wine label was exciting and gave the small importer a chance to grab the younger 23-30 year old wine drinkers.They will try new wines.Import wine labels tell a story and offer a better and new design.The current style of US labels are the euro bore.Tan with simple badly made type.Thinking this allows them to sell for higher value.Just looks like a cheap label and cheaper wine maker to us.
The labels where pinter on linen.Full color process prints where made.The import wine logo was also used on sales and wine boxes.The custom art was also used on may marketing materials.

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