Paint Labels

Rich Art Paints

  1. Paint labels.

Paint labels.Design of a series of custom children’s paint labels.The paints where washable paints.The first to be sold in retail and public schools.The labels needed to have a fun personality.
The graphic design had to reflect the paint colors.We chose a 3D artist in Japan to draw up separate
characters per paint color.Frogs for green.Lion for brown.Red car for red.Funny fish for purple. Snowman for white and 20 others.Each label and powerful brand design mixed with special feature logos.This design format was used on over 75 paint products.Some paints where one galloon others only 1 pint. Each mascot also was used to sell each color of paint to the school buyers and kids.
Fun stickers of each mascot was designed and given out to school teachers to promote art.The paint labels have been used for over 18 years.No changes at all.