Start Up Wine Company

Spank Monkey Wines

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Start Up Wine Company. Ron Hansen created his own private label wine.Named Spank Monkey. A merlot and cab blend. His customer was the working guy.He wants to try wine. But he is afraid he knows nothing about wine. Or even how to hold the glass. And the wine industry is full snobs.They frankly don’t want every day Joe sitting next to them in a wine bar.Ron found a market. He told his guys. How do you drink wine? You put the glass in your mouth and pour. We put on Rock n Roll events. Featuring his wine with a spank me party theme. Giving out paddles to every guest. His only request at the door. Have fun. You have permission. Wine is fun. The wine sold out. Local taverns and small casinos sold out as well. The wine was a trail project. A success.

The goal next is to launch regional. For the working guy and gal.Investors wanted.